BruceMark Petroleum
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  • 3030 Salt Creek Ln. Suite 310 Arlington Heights, IL 60005 Email: Phone: (630)339-5490
BruceMark Petroleum Inc | About Us
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About Us

Our Vision, Mission Statement, Company Management, and More


Bruce Rafael

Mr. Rafael has faithfully served the Oil and Gas industry for over 10 years.
As President of Brucemark Petroleum Inc., he oversees all projects we
participate in. With years of hands on experience in numerous types of
successful drilling programs, Mr. Rafael is well equipped to usher Brucemark
Petroleum Inc. into an ever expanding role in America's energy independence.


See our core officers who have been working since day one to build our reputation from the ground up.

We are always available for our current and future partners with any questions they might have.

Mark Rafael

Vice President of Technology

Mark Rafael brings over 15 years of professional grade information technology experience.  Mr. Mark Rafael works to provide the best web development services available, support’s Brucemark’s technical systems, and contributes to Brucemark’s headlines and company growth.

George Rauch

V.P. Business Development

Phil Caserotti


Who We Are

BMPI works with a highly experienced team of field personnel. Our geophysicist /geologist, Mr. Phillip Caserotti, is recognized as a leader in his field in the Illinois basin. For example, his work resulted in the exploration efforts that uncovered some of the largest wells produced in Illinois. At the Forbes State Park, a well with production rates of over 3,000 barrels of oil per day, has gained him respect and acknowledgement from his peers in the business.

Our Workspace

Brucemark Petroleum offers a unique structure for direct participation in oil and gas.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the community with the energy it needs to provide for our country. At Brucemark we provide a service above all others from gaining the trust of our program participants to having an excellent relationship with our employees.

Core Values

  1. Commitment to getting the results safely and sustainably.
  2. We operate responsibly taking care to leave the land as close as possible to the way it was before we drilled.
  3. Executing with excellence – All of our employees and people we work with take great pride in their jobs.
  4. Apply innovative technologies – We use state of the art 3D seismic imaging with a wide range of other technologies.
  5. Capturing new opportunities for profitable growth through strategic land acquisitions.

Growth Strategies

  1. Identify resources.
  2. Explore in proven areas with high potentials.
  3. Ensure a fiscal conservative approach to developing new fields.
  4. Making safety, health and security of locations a priority.
  5. Taking environmental precautions in our process to ensure continued excellence.
  6. Recognize and respond to the community concerns around our wells.
  7. Comply with community, government and environmental regulations.